Sunday, 24 June 2018

100 Word Challange

I was crouching in the space between my bed and the
wall so that no-one would be able to find me. It had
been raining all morning and with nothing to do I had
sat on the squished myself into a small space to watch
YouTube as my eyes slowly turned square. BANG!!!
BANG!!! BANG!!!, someone was attempting to push my
door to the ground, I was about to shout GO AWAY!!!
But then I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to be
watching YouTube so I stayed quiet as the door swung
open. In came my mother carrying piles of laundry. I
stayed as quiet as a mouse as she placed the laundry on
my bed I prayed for her to leave and not see me tucked
away and my wish came true but as she left the room I
felt heavy in my stomach if I didn’t want my own mother
to see what I was doing then surely it wasn’t right.

Morale: Deep down you know what is right so follow that
instinct and good things will come if not you are the one
that is suffering.

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